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From Chef Andrea:

Learn To Cook Flavorful Vegetarian Food That Satisfies Mind And Body!

Since discovering the transformative power of Whole Foods Vegetarian Cooking over 20 years ago, I've been honing the art of flavor creation.

I am talking about deeply satisfying flavors that balance both mind and body. 

Eating this way can satisfy all your cravings and desires, and make you feel calm, peaceful, happy, content, and even blissful. 

This is a far cry from what most of the vegetarian food in North America is like, which in my opinion is either bland, overly raw, piled high with cheese and/or carbs, or otherwise meh. Too oily. Too salty. Too sweet. Too something.

Most cooks just don't understand how to make a meatless meal that is healthy, balanced, and flavorful, all at the same time. 

My secret for creating incredibly flavorful food comes from the ancient arts of yoga and Ayurveda.

In practice, it is about learning to get your flavors, ingredients, and techniques balanced just right.

I teach you how to elevate your cooking in every Buttered Veg recipe on this blog, as well as in my newsletter. 

By eating the Buttered Veg way, you can experience improved health, happiness, and inner balance! Your cells will be dancing for joy and rejuvenating on their own. 

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But don't just take my word for it.

Read on to learn what others are saying about Buttered Veg.

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I can't remember feeling so satisfied after a meal.

It gave me tingles. There was such an incredible range of flavors. It leaves you wanting for nothing. Complete satisfaction on the palate, body, and soul. You don't feel heavy or bloated afterwards. Andrea's food is energizing and nourishing. 

KATE VERESHAKA  //  Communications manager

Food has a mysterious healing and binding power on the soul...

and can provide  comfort and happiness for any individual.

A meal provided with exceptional care, from carefully formulated and balanced recipes, can certainly make us healthier and better.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda both believe the kitchen is the pharmacy for the family, and they know how to cook with spices and herbs.

Buttered Veg has provided the most amazing information in detail that serves to entertain all our senses, from the eyes, nose, and beyond; and it is absolutely something you need to try to know how therapeutic food can be. 

MOREEN LIAO  //  Founder of Ausganica

I have felt a lot better—balanced and energized—after eating the food ...

from the recipes that I have tried from your website. I think Buttered Veg will awaken a lot of people about the traditions of food, and to be more enlightened. Also, from visiting you in the past, and seeing how you cook and take care of everyone, it is truly remarkable, very compassionate, and I have always felt very loved!

ESTHER HACK  //  College student

I'll be cooking for my husband and I all summer ...

and plan to use your balanced flavors wisdom to help him feel full, and satisfied with less.


Andrea's cooking was one of the most pleasant surprises ...

I have enjoyed all year. It reminded me immensely of my grandmother's country French meals. Like dining on one's fond memories of youth.

COURT REINLAND  //  Creative director

Your website is honestly, AMAZING Andrea!

I love how you have written it. Very conversational; a beautiful balance of informative and interesting.

HEATHER SCHADE  //  Fashion designer

Buttered Veg is not about the latest diet, fad, food science-backed advice, or superfood discovery. It is about real food, and cooking it with care.

Chef Andrea of Buttered Veg

What else does Buttered Veg offer?

  • Balance & Inner Peace. Comes from satisfying food and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Accord With Nature. Thousands of years of wisdom at your fingertips.
  • Simplify Your Life. Everything gets easier when you cook with mindfulness.

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